Galaxy Wear Apparel & Accessories is unique like you. 

To prove it, we design hats, tees, totes, and denim jackets inspired by scenes of the cosmos. The result is something vivid that cannot be replicated and style that will not be ignored.
We hand paint every aspect of our line. So when you put on a piece of Galaxy Wear, you embrace an individuality that can be used as the focal point or accent in your look. Either way you'll find original looks good on you.

Each piece is designed and hand painted by Katy, a self-taught artist from Arizona. Galaxy Wear was born in Seattle, Washington in 2013 and grew within the Seattle festival community. In 2018 Galaxy Wear was accepted as a craft vendor at the iconic Pike Place Market. Our shop is setup two to three days a week among the craft vendors and flower farmers, check our homepage for updated market schedules.